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Why should I choose MailMoat.com?

You're figuring that the alternative is free service, right?

Look a little closer at the "free" alternatives to MailMoat:
Some are paid for by the big advertisers who they're selling you to. They can get mighty aggressive - plastering your screen with pop-ups, inserting ads into your e-mail, carpet-bombing you with SPAM, selling everything that they learn about you to the highest bidder, etc. Are you looking for less advertising and more privacy, or the other way around?
Some require you to open a separate new account for every one "disposable" e-mail address you want, then log in to every one of those accounts to check for received messages. Even if you have that much time to waste, do you have that much patience?
Some make you pay after the first week or so, or if you use them more a few times. As long as they tell you everything up front, "limited free samples" is an honest marketing strategy. We may do this, too. But it's not the same as "free service".
Some are even run by the "Internet Marketing Companies" that you are trying to get away from.  The same people who send you the spam email in the first place.

     MailMoat's philosophy is that we're working for you, not someone else who you've probably never heard of, and that we're being paid by you, not someone else who's always dreaming up new ways to squeeze more money and information out of "giving" you "free" service.

     MailMoat costs less than 17 cents a day, less than 6 cents with an annual subscription, and we tell you the cost up-front. Which way you'd be happier going is your decision.

     See our features and rates page for more information on the services that you receive with your MailMoat account.

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